About Wellington’s Community Services Center

Our Mission

The Community Services Center (CSC) is part of “GRACE VILLAGE,” a faith-based 501-(c)-3 nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of all within our reach. Our CSC will be home to the Wellington Food & Clothing Pantry and other non-profits and county service agencies.

As able, we will provide emergency and basic needs services, offering a hand-up to those who are struggling in various areas of life. Services will include the Pantry, financial, personal, spiritual, and family counseling; employment services, case management; senior assistance; and more.

Our desire to serve is fueled by our calling to respond to God’s blessings of love and grace by lovingly and graciously serving all our neighbors in need. We very much value the dignity of all people and our mission is to promote their independence.

Our Vision

Connecting our neighbors with uplifting and life-enhancing resources

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The faces of poverty in our community are varied

They are children, youth, seniors, the disabled and the mentally ill. They are veterans, formerly middle class, and those on the brink of homelessness.

The number of people living in poverty has increased with population growth in the area. As a result, the demands for social services have escalated. Every day, clients are unable to access those life-changing social services for a variety of reasons. For a person or family in crisis, this can be devasting. The struggle of transportation and time away from work and family is impossible for some. We are working hard to keep them from falling through the cracks, that is where the CSC model comes in.