Over the years, we have seen many people, from all walks of life, through the doors of the Food Bank. These stories help give a face to those whom you’re supporting when you give back through the Wellington Community Services Center and the Wellington Food Bank.

The names of those features have been changed, but their stories are very real!

Meet Joe

Joe was recently laid off from his job of 30 years when the business closed. And even though he was eligible for unemployment, it wasn’t enough to keep up with their bills. Joe’s wife Mary was unable to work due to health issues and they were struggling just to get by.

Reaching Out for Help

When Mary showed up at the Food Bank, she told the volunteer greeter that Joe was sitting in the car with tears in his eyes. He was embarrassed to come in. He had never had to ask for help before. The volunteer assured Mary that The Food Bank is here to help those in their time of need.

Eventually, when Joe found another job, they did not return to the Food Bank but were grateful they had the support when they needed it.

Support the Wellington Food Bank

The Wellington Food Bank is always looking for support. Please consider donating food items, especially much-needed items like oatmeal & healthy cereal, at the following drop-off locations:

The Kinzli Team – RE/MAX Alliance
4006 Cleveland Ave, Wellington, CO 80549


Ridley’s Family Market
7670 5th St, Wellington, CO 80549