Our Plans for Wellington’s Community Services Center

An Asset to the Community

The purpose of CSC is the gathering of non-profits in the same building to open doors of opportunity to our community’s most vulnerable.

The needs of the community can be met in a “one-stop” facility where families and individuals can receive all the services they need. Clients can access food, clothing, rental and housing assistance, education/tutoring and other basic needs with a goal of independence. The CSC will also be a great place for people of all ages from the community to volunteer, gather, and find meaningful ways to care for their neighbors.



Wellington CSC Renderings

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What will the Wellington Community Services Center include?

Along with the Wellington Food & Clothing Pantry, this facility will serve as a permanent home for potential non-profits such as:

  • Children’s Speech & Reading Center
  • Larimer County Human Services
  • Summitstone Health Partners
  • Counseling & mental health
  • Income tax & financial assistance

Provide space for community groups and youth activities.

A place where groups of people “can just come to talk.”

Educational support services.

The Plan:

Our strategy is to secure 100% funding for CSC from a combination of public and private support. A goal of $2,000,000 has been set for the building and $250,000 to fund start-up expenses and initial operating costs. and we are totally confident that with YOUR support we will attain that goal.

There will be NO borrowed funds.

Monthly income cover ongoing operating costs will come from:

Modest rent for non-profit office space
Rental income from community groups and functions
Recurring donor contribution
Regularly scheduled fund-raising projects
Benevolent foundations