What is the Wellington Community Services Center?

The Wellington Community Services Center will be a home for agencies that will help address food insecurity, but will also host a clothing pantry and Larimer County Human Services will have offices in the building. We’ll also be addressing the need for more mental health services in Wellington, partnering with Summitstone Health Partners to bring those important services to Wellington. As able, we will provide emergency and basic needs services, offering a hand-up to those who are struggling in various areas of life. Our goal is to serve everybody who walks in through the door!

How long has the Wellington Community Services Center been in the planning phase?

The Wellington Community Services Center board & team has been working on the project since 2021, & we’re just starting the more public phase of public awareness and fundraising. We’ve been meeting with potential donors and are confident that the project will come to fruition with the help of amazing partners.

Why build a Community Services Center in Wellington?

They are children, youth, seniors, the disabled, and the mentally ill. They are veterans, formerly middle class, and those on the brink of homelessness.

The number of people living in poverty has increased with population growth in the area. As a result, the demands for social services have escalated. Every day, clients are unable to access those life-changing social services for a variety of reasons. For a person or family in crisis, this can be devasting. The struggle of transportation and time away from work and family is impossible for some. We are working hard to keep them from falling through the cracks, that is where the Community Services Center model comes in.

Tell us more about the facility and building.

The Wellington Community Services Center building will be located south of Zion Lutheran Church on 2nd Street in Wellington, Colorado. The needs of the community can be met in a “one-stop” facility where families and individuals can receive all the services they need. Clients can access food, clothing, rental, and housing assistance, education/tutoring, and other basic needs with the goal of independence. The Community Services Center will also be a great place for people of all ages from the community to volunteer, gather, and find meaningful ways to care for their neighbors.

Wellington CSC Renderings

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How can people get involved and help the Wellington Community Services Center?

As a nonprofit, we are always looking for donations, volunteers, & connections to sponsors for the project. At this phase, donations of all sizes are crucial to ensuring that we can bring the Wellington Community Services Center to life for our community.