With anything new being developed, the community will have questions! We figured it’d be a good time to address some of the more common questions we’re getting while planning and fundraising for the Wellington Community Services Center.

Where will the Wellington Community Services Center be located?

The Wellington Community Services Center (CSC) will be located on the lot on the corner of Harrison and Second Streets in the heart of Wellington, Colorado.

Since the CSC is located in a neighborhood, where will people park?

That’s a great question! We will be putting diagonal parking spaces along Second Street and are hoping to add a few more on the north side of the facility, off of the alley.

Will traffic in the area be affected by the CSC?

We will be able to mitigate the traffic load by adjusting our hours of operation for the food pantry, which will likely be the part of the CSC with the highest usage. If a certain time slot is too heavy, we can open up another day. For example, if there are too many people coming during the morning, we can add more open mornings to alleviate the pressure.

Do I need to be a Christian or a member of a church in order to receive services or support the CSC?

Absolutely not! The services provided will always be available to everyone.

Will the CSC be inclusive of all individuals looking for assistance?

Yes, of course, as long as we have the necessary resources to meet the need.

Do you have any questions about the CSC that weren’t answered above? We’d love to hear from you! Post to our Facebook or LinkedIn pages, check out our plans, or reach us via email.